Sunday, December 29, 2013

Adios 2013!

The very fact that I came over my Lazy block to write this summary and posted it in this dead wood blog tells me that I have had a wonderful 2013.
The amazing thing about this year has been change. I changed my group at work and I myself took the initiative. I was filled with fear and doubts. But as I look back, I am proud that I choose to change in a small way and it is making a lot of difference. I will not downplay the long awaited promotion this year at work. It did bring me relief if not happiness.

This year has also been filled with Learning. I cracked the PMP. Damn it. Not having written a single serious exam since my college, PMI material had been making a good pillow for months before I decided to write the exam. I promptly gave the books away, the minute I finished the exam. I am now buying a new pillow for 2014. But I will only worry about it when I write this summary next year. Incidentally my work has been quite different from what I have been doing the last nine years which assures lot of learning and challenge. Oh Well I wrote a beta version of my resume, a first in last 10 years.
Also first time in my life I got over the so called American driving and convinced myself to use both legs while driving. I came over the confusing ,  “you clutch and brake while stopping” , “You half clutch and half accelerate and hold hand brake while in slope” , “ You have to hear the engine cry and intuitively know when to change gears” and all this while you are trying to wade through the incessant traffic and the hyderabadi hindi Gaali. I managed to dent an Auto , break the headlights and hit a bike in reverse. After all the morning 6AM driving classes, owning this License to rule the road is definitely a big moment for me if not for all the drivers in the road.
And thanks to my remotely located office I have been reading tons of books. First time since my Sidney Sheldon days I have read about 20 books in a year and I have been strangely feeling disappointed when I don’t carry a book.  My favorite book has been “Second Coming of Jobs”. This book started as a boring  one and soon grew into me. When I finished the book I felt a door has opened within me and that feeling was worth every minute spent reading this book.
My creative side exploded this year. I never thought I had one in first place. So anything in that direction has been ‘ flaunt worthy’. I was truly inspired by but my economic zone salary could not afford their paper prints. So I decided to make my own and it really brought the child in me back.
 “Rangoli” – I have run only in the opposite direction when I heard this word until this year I looked back and actually tried my hand. Irrespective of the results it was a proud moment for me.
I have reconnected with some of my long last friends. I got to share some heartwarming moments and reconnect with them the same way I had several years ago. I am surprised how some of my funny friends (who dint know P of Philosophy and S of Serious) are able to talk philosophy and take life with more maturity. I only wish I can take on life like that without losing the child in me.

I also made 2 new friends who will be in my wonderful people list for life. I was truly touched when that friend called me and said “I am in labor and will be giving birth in sometime”. Think of moments to share. I have also changed my perspective about some people and realized that 2 minutes of ego free conversation can open up great bonds.
I also now know something that is permanent and is mine. That is my health. I have been trying a lot of home remedies and some of it has amazing results. Thanks to friends and strangers who have encouraged me with kind words like “You look radiant” etc . Finally I have stuck to a routine and I am looking forward for more in 2014.

I have not trekked Himalayas or been to a buddhist monastery in Nepal. But have visited some of the places I thought I would never go. Be it getting cheated in the Calcutta temple or walking through Mysore brindavan gardens or taking the most exotic and amazing 14 Km girivalam, It’s all worth it

 Thanks to online shopping. I have spent about 15000 Rs in dresses and shoes. Therapeutic.

This 2013 has been wonderful and I have no regrets that it is ending, Because it can only get better from here. I am winding down this year with a wonderful home made coffee scrub and a thankyou note to the wonderful person who forced me to write this summary.

 I have started focusing on my motto for 2014
Success has less to do with hard work and more to do with massive focus on your few best opportunities.”  

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kumthalakkadi gummava..CSK na summava

Quiller(ardent CSK fan): Woohooo we won the IPL ..yay yay yay

Deccancharger fan: Anni fixinge anta (All matchs were fixed it seems)

Quiller(Angrily): So what? We fixed it well.

Deccancharger fan: Yeah yeah

Quiller(searching for words): Dint you guys fix it last time...

Deccancharger fan(uninterestedly) : Hmmm..

Quiller(confused): hey wait a minute...I called u celebrate CSK's win

Deccancharger fan: Anni fixinge anta

Quiller: Grrrrr (Click)

Emergency call

Person1: Hey How r u ?

Person2: I am doing well . How r u ?

Person1: I am in well. CALL ME!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

One year...

A year has passed since my last post. Lot of things have changed. I havent written anything over this year except for a small write up for slow cycling. Sigh!! I resolved to write more and reinstate my first blog everyonehasablog from its years of slumber

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nickelback doesnt stop to excite me. Heard this song after a long time.

If Everyone cared and nobody cried
If Everyone loved and nobody lied
If Everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died !!

Beautiful lyrics and amazing chad kroeger

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Just after the Hiroshima bomb was dropped from Enola Gay, a whole city was vaporized under the heat of 4000 degrees. There were people charred to death and the blackened survivors some conscious many unconscious crying in fire burns and skin hanging from their bodies. The once tall buildings were reduced to rubble of teak and stones.

One soldier from the rescue team walked the disaster stuck area, all he could hear was the wails and cries for water .He had a flask of water in his belt. But there were strict orders not to give water to the burnt. That will kill them instantly. There was an enormous heat in the air .The slightly conscious with little strength crawled to the nearest pool and water ponds. As the frantic survivors threw themselves into the water many were drowned to death.
“Looking back today, I could have given the water” says the soldier.

Then there was rain. Black rain! The massacred survivors scurried to drink the water. Little did they know they were drinking poison full of radioactive substance? Tens of thousands of people were killed due to the black rain

A doctor approaching Hiroshima thought he saw a black creature with no face and no skin. As he stopped to see what it was, the creature fell down and died. He later realized it was the man who had fled 3.5km after the blast only to die.

A 17 year old bank clerk was buried in a mass grave when she regained consciousness after 3 days. She fought her way out of the grave and crawled to the hospital .When she was treated a little she crawled on a railway track for days together, to reach the next station, her home.

When a 25 year mom saw her girls burnt along with the house shouting
“Mommy, take me out. It’s hurting me”
All she could do was cry
“I am a bad mommy. I don’t have the courage to die with you” along with the pain of glass shards that pierced her.

The survivors however had a different nightmare to face. It is called invisible gamma radiation today. As the doctors would touch the patients in the head, the tufts of hair would fall down. The blood flow from a small wound never clot as they fought their way to death. The radiation ate away the WBCs that fights against the germs in human body. Several thousands died from infection as small as common cold.

Did Japan break the precincts of a political warfare by attacking Pearl Harbor?
Did USA know the after effects of the first nuclear bomb?
Whatever be the arguments on both sides be a justice could never be arrived. When the 100,000 people disappeared from the face of the earth, when the dignity, life and soul of several thousands were reduced to the lowliness of an insect there was jubilation in another part of the world which said “Victory Japan Surrenders” .What is true in one part of the world is not true in another.

Fifty three years later, Today there are no much evidence of the first nuclear bomb in Hiroshima except for few burnt trees and the shadow of a man in stone who vaporized.The evidences are fast disappearing. But the history remains like a dark scar.
It just leaves one to wonder “After all what is life all about?”

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mercy of Greater Gods

I checked my mail box well after a week. My friend in Atlanta had already told me that she will be sending a surprise gift. I had frequented the mailbox last week looking for the gift. As I checked it today I saw a big package squeezed into the box, sitting among trash advertisements and discount coupons.

I got the package out with some pulling and pushing. I felt the package trying to guess what it will be. Impatient as I am, I opened the package. There was this beautiful book "Diary of Traveling Preacher" by Indradyumna Maharaj. I have great respect and admiration for his diaries in It was indeed a great surprise gift. I thanked my friend. As I opened the book it had a hand written message.

To Quiller
You have my blessing for your progress in Krishna Consciousness. I pray this book will inspire you. Please write to me.
Indradyumna Swami

My excitement knew no bounds. My friend has got his signature when he stopped in Atlanta for an hour. Now the alchemist post below looks so meaningless.